Web Management

Web Site Management

Connect your customers, employees, partners, and customers with the information they need through optimized processes for managing and delivering content to the Web, mobile, or other media channels

Every day, organizations struggle with how to best connect people to the information they need. IntelImpact Web Site Management gives you the ability to deliver information directly to users within context across multiple and multi-lingual channels to create a richer, more interactive online experience, crossing the boundaries between Web sites, mobile devices, intranets, social networks, and Internet channels.

Deepen your relationships with your markets, customers, partners, and colleagues with IntelImpact Web Site Management. Transform your Web site or intranet into a rich, engaging, and credible site by adding social content and functionality, including ratings, reviews, wikis, blogs, and other social media functionality. Enable your teams and align projects by allowing employees to identify resources and experts within the organization, and capture knowledge as it is created so that it is available for reference and reuse in context. The controlled access and integration of content from across your organization provides employees, customers, partners, and visitors with a more dynamic experience for significant business impact.